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As a home-owner, these are the steps that you need to take to get your roof fixed by your insurance company. Please understand that your insurance company is not on your side. They are trying to get your claim settled for the lowest amount of money possible. Your goal should be taking care of your damaged property with an equal or better product!...,
so these are the steps that you need to take to get your roof done by a professional.
1. Higher a roofer, make sure the roofer is local and has been in business for awhile with an outstanding record such soundproofing. Make sure the roofer uses quality materials like new felt the paper, valley metal, and new shingles. Some shingles have been stored outside at lumber yards damaging them and affecting your warranty. Also, ask your roofer about vented ridge and other ways to help prevent high cost of energy bills. Proper ventilation is essential.
2. Call your insurance company, make a claim and find out when your adjuster will be coming out.
3. Schedule an apt for your roofer and your adjuster to come out at the same time. this is not always necessary if the hail was plentiful and very large.
4. Make sure your adjuster and your roofer both check to see how many layers are on your roof. Make sure that it's over the decking and not over wood shakes otherwise your roof will also need to be redecked.
5. Your adjuster will total the roof if damage is paramount. Different insurance companies have different rules on what is visible hits by square. Some are 8 hits per square some are 12 hits per square. which would raise or lower the cost damage per square depending on the square footage of the damage.
6. Once this is completed your insurance company will issue you a damage report and your first check. if your check has your mortgage company on it, endorse it, take a copy of your roofing contract and send it to your mortgage company to be signed, stamped and sent back to you.
7. Once your check has came back to you, then pay your roofing company when the materials hit the ground. Most roofers will ask for 50% down and the rest when the job is completed. Do not pay them the full amount or any money up front until materials hit the ground.
8. Once the job is completed your roofing company will send an invoice in showing that all damaged materials were replaced. You will receive a second check called the depreciation check. If you do not have a depreciation this means your roof is fairly new and you were paid your full amount upfront minus your deductible.
9.If there were any additional damages this is called a supplement or if the adjuster did not allow for enough shingles or materials on the job. A supplement check will also be issued to the homeowner which will need to be paid to the roofer for any additional work done.
10. For most mortgage companies before they will sign the final check they have to send an adjuster out to ensure all work was done properly installed and the complete job is finished. Make sure as a homeowner you get that second check to the mortgage company as soon as possible otherwise you could be subject to additional charges by the roofer for the delay in payment.
11. Make sure roofer signs a waiver of lean for materials and workmanship before final payment and final supplement payment is made.
12. Get a list from your roofer on the warranty work which was completed with their phone numbers and information and enjoy your new roof!

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