Metal Roofing Coatings

Myth: Metal roofs lower heating bills This is not necessarily true. If your home has inadequate insulation, air leaks and windows that are not energy efficient, installing a metal roof will not likely lower your heating bills. It is important to remember there are many factors that contribute to your home’s overall energy usage. but by adding Metal Roofing Coating, This is by far the greatest way to make your metal roof come to life, Coatings are the future of metal roofing, you ask why? Lower heat cost by 60% see Metal get very hot but metal never holds heat like shingles, COST AND ENERGY SAVINGS A cool roof does not necessarily cost more than a non-cool roof, especially if you are installing a new roof or replacing an existing one. However, converting a standard roof that's in good condition into a cool roof can be expensive. But will pay for it self, roof costs include upfront installation (materials and labor) and (repair, recoating, and cleaning). Additional cool roof costs include specialized materials and labor like white coatings systems. Cool roofs can save money several ways, including energy savings, rebates and incentives, HVAC equipment downsizing, and extended roof lifetime. One way to estimate how much energy you would save by installing a cool roof is by using the Cool Roof Calculate. Easy to install with big savings! call Me Tim Lund 817-29-2385

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